Friday, May 27, 2016

Is he strong? Listen bud...

He's got radioactive blood...

Here's a look at my officially licensed Marvel Amazing Spider-Man print I did for the cool cats over at Grey Matter Art available on their site HERE.

This was a lot of fun to work on, Spider-Man is easily one of my all time favorite superheroes. Growing up I loved watching reruns of the old 60's cartoon and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends from the 80's.  Spidey always had such a great supporting cast of characters and villains, it was tough to narrow it down to just the 24 that are featured on the print.

The Amazing Spider-Man
12" x 36" 6-color screenprint on Cougar Natural Paper
Limited edition of 250

© Marvel 2016

Friday, May 20, 2016

New look and a new post

Gave the ol' blog a fresh coat of paint and posting a buncha stuff I never got around to...

"Take me out to the ball game..."
NYCC 2015 exclusive • 12"x36" 6-color screenprint

"The Wind in the Willows" Book Cover Design
Rock Paper Books • Kickstarter campaign for artists reimagining classic book covers

"Le Chat Orange" • Garfield screenprint
Sold Via Bottleneck Gallery • 18"x24" 3-colors on French Banana Split Paper
Limited Edition of 100
© Paws All Rights Reserved

"The Frighteners" • screening at the Hollywood Theater in Pittsburgh, PA
Sold via Cinema 412 • 18" x 24" 3-color screenprint
proceeds benefited the Michael J. Fox Foundation

"Riley and Bing Bong's Sing Along"
Sold Via Cyclops Print Works • 10"x 20"  7-color screenprint on Stardream Crystal 285 gsm paper
Limited Edition of 250
© Disney/Pixar

"Meet our Crew... Leela"
Sold Via Dark Ink Art • 12" x 24" 4-color screenprint
Edition of 250
© 20th Century Fox

"Meet our Crew... Bender"
Sold Via Dark Ink Art • 12" x 24" 4-color screenprint
Edition of 250
© 20th Century Fox
Sold Via Dark Ink Art • 12" x 36" 6-color screenprint
Edition of 250
© 20th Century Fox

"Team Zissou Activity Sheet"
Sold Via Spoke Art Gallery • 12" x 18" 2-color screenprint
Edition of 50

"Merc with a Mouth - Since 1991"
Sold Via Grey Matter Art • 12" x 24" 4-color screenprint
Edition of 150
© Marvel

"Pulp Fiction"
Sold Via Upper Deck • 12" x 36" 6-color screenprint
Edition of 250
© Miramax

"The Descendents"
Sold Via Rockabilia • 12" x 24" 3-color screenprints
Edition of 77 on each colorway

Thursday, April 07, 2016

What's My Line?

I know, I know, I'm horrible at updating my blog... Long overdue.

Here's a look at pieces from my two-person show with Ian Glaubinger over at Gallery 1988 East location. The show is titled "What's My Line?" and theme is an artistic tribute to one of the great nerd past times, quoting movies. Show runs until April 23rd and prints are available on the gallery's site HERE.


I also did a few original paper cuts for the show, something new i'm trying. Had fun doing them so hopefully I'll do some more...

Monday, August 31, 2015

You can tell it's Mattel... it's swell!

A little late on this post but I helped curate a show over at Gallery1988 with Mattel having a group of artists do pieces based off the company's toys from over the past 70 years. The show runs til this Saturday September 5th so if you're in the LA area be sure to check it out, there's still a bunch of great art left. Here were my contributions to the show, The Muscle piece is sold out but the He Man ones are still available. Here's a link to the whole show HERE!

Lurking Everywhere
24"x36" 2-color screenprint on French Poptone Bubblegum Paper
Edition of 50

Eternia's Most Heroic
12"x36" 6-color screenprint on Cougar Natural Paper
Edition of 82

Eternia's Most Evil
12"x36" 6-color screenprint on Cougar Natural Paper
Edition of 82

Thursday, July 02, 2015

One sorcerer supreme pizza with a side of vengeance...

These are two officially licensed Marvel screenprint editions I got to do with the fine folks over at Grey Matter Art, continuing my "superhero adjective + since year" series. First up is everyone's favorite neurosurgeon turned sorcerer Stephen Vincent Strange... AKA Doctor Strange available for sale HERE

12"x24" 4-color screenprint on natural paper
edition size: 225 • $45.00

Followed by the supernatural stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze... AKA Ghost Rider avaiable for sale HERE

12"x24" 4-color screenprint on natural paper
edition size: 225 • $45.00

© Marvel 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

You wouldn't happen to have an eye in the back of your head, would you?

"Wintry February night, the present. Order of events: a phone call from a frightened woman notating the arrival of an unidentified flying object, then the checkout you've just witnessed, with two state troopers verifying the event - but with nothing more enlightening to add beyond evidence of some tracks leading across the highway to a diner. You've heard of trying to find a needle in a haystack? Well, stay with us now, and you'll be part of an investigating team whose mission is not to find that proverbial needle, no, their task is even harder. They've got to find a Martian in a diner, and in just a moment you'll search with them, because you've just landed - in The Twilight Zone..."

Here's a look at my officially licensed screenprints I did for Dark Hall Mansion, being released tomorrow (Tuesday, June 30th at 9:30am PST) in their online store HERE

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?
Regular Edition of 280 - 12"x12" 4-color screenprint • $35.00

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?
Variant Edition of 50 - 12"x12" 5-color screenprint • $50.00

Twilight Zone is probably my all time favorite television series and this being one of my favorite episodes, I wanted to do a homage to the episode with a Jim Flora record album look.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Scrumdiddlyumptious and more...

Tonight over at Galerie F in Chicago, opens the Fantastic Mr. Dahl tribute show. Below is the flyer for the event including my contribution of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Prints of my piece are available HERE.

And here's a look at my "Jim Flora" inspired print I did for the always awesome Aquabats that will be sold at Toddland's booth #4537 at this years SDCC and at their House of Blues show that same weekend.

Below is a few other prints I didn't get a chance to post too. First up was my print that was for a 40th anniversary screening of Jaws at the historic Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA...

These are ones that were done for Bottleneck Gallery up in Brooklyn, NY...

Vaya Con Dias (Regular and Glow Layer)

Underwood: Casualties and Hypocrisy

This was one I did for Mondo celebrating the 75th anniversary of one of my favorite Three Stooges shorts, "A Plumbing We Will Go"...

Here's a look at my officially licensed Beatles prints I did for Dark Hall Mansion, both available for purchase HERE.

The Record Store (Regular)
20"x28"edition of 280

The Record Store (Variant)
20"x28"edition of 50

These were two I did for Acme Archives Dark Ink

Simpsons Treehouse of Horror II
12"x36" screenprint

18"x24" screenprint 

Here's one that was done for a private Game of Thrones commission group...

This was a unused poster design for the band A Day to Remember...

And finally a Jem and the Holograms piece I did as a trade for a custom Zeus action figure to hang with the rest of my Clash of the Titans toys...